Need a way to instantly make your look more exotic, eye-catching and mysterious? Feather jewelry is a fairly simple and elegant solution. Whether you stick to brown and black feathers or branch out into the more brightly colored feathers, there is just something about that style that makes it stand out. For a unique addition to your jewelry box, feather necklaces and earrings work well and round out your selection. There is a reason not everyone wears this stunning jewelry: a bit of extra care and caution that you don't have to spend on most types of jewelry. Feathers are just a more fragile material than gold, diamonds or acrylic. However, you aren't doomed to destroy your feather jewelry -- you just need to take a few extra steps to make it work and to keep it looking beautiful for years to come. Tip 1 -- Keep your feather jewelry away from any kind of water. While you can wash most metals and stones with soap and water, that is not advisable with feather earrings or any other type of adornment. Soggy feathers amount to a wet and angry bird, so it is best to not even wear uncovered pieces in rainy weather. Tip 2 -- If you do accidentally get your feather necklace wet, use a hair dryer to remove the water with the least amount of damage. Put it on the lowest heat setting, lay it flat and use until dry. That way the wet bird look won't be permanent for that piece of jewelry. Tip 3 -- What if the vane of the feathers gets mangled up while you wear it? Well, No. 1 is prevention -- stop wrestling and sleeping while wearing it, and remove any feather jewelry near your hands when you need to wash them. If they do get mangled anyway, use a baby brush to gently brush out the mangles along the curve of the feather. Tip 4 -- Store feather jewelry separately from your other jewelry. You can hang this kind of jewelry up to store it, but it will last longer and look better if you lay it flat. No matter what way you position it, make sure there is minimal light and moisture coming into contact with your feather jewelry. Tip 5 -- Do not leave your feather jewelry out for your pets to play with. You may not think your cat can get to that shelf, but a colorful feather provides a lot of temptation for a furry feline. necklaces


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